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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wire EDM Cutting

Sep. 23, 2021

As a wire EDM cutting machine supplier, I'd like to share it with you.

The Advantages of the Wire EDM Cutting

Wire-cutting EDM Machine

Wire-cutting EDM Machine

Impact-free Cutting

Wire EDM cutting can process hard, brittle and fragile materials without impact, as long as they are conductive.

We all know that impacts can create stress distorting the material while cutting as well as rapidly wearing the tool. And when processing precision parts, this traditional adding tools and methods are obviously not suitable.


Various Shapes Can Be Cut

A wire EDM cutting machine utilizes electrical discharges throughout a fine wire; as a result, it can cut precise and intricate shapes with ease, even in the hardest or most fragile materials. Also, the wire can create different shapes, even minute contours and holes can be created without a need to heat the material for softening and hardening.


More Precise Cutting

With the wire EDM cutting, controlled and fast rehashed electrical charges are utilized to eliminate material from electrically conductive materials. It is an exact technique for the correct applications of little parts with tight resistances at high volumes.

And the wire EMD cutting machine imparts no force on the part, making wire EDM machining capable of achieving very high tolerances for precise dimensions and accurate fit. This eliminates the need for additional processing and finishing of parts after machining.



The Disadvantages Of Wire EDM Cutting


Slow Speed

The most widely known negative is that wire EDM cutting is an extremely slow way.


Limited to Conductive Materials

Any material that is a composite or coated with a dielectric is not feasible for EDM. That is because that the wire EDM cutting will remove material by using rapidly repeating, controlled electrical charges along a strand of metal wire, and this method is limited to electrically conductive materials.


Increase Cost

The wire's rehashed electrical releases can warm the objective area of the workpiece to thousands of degrees. This can bring about thermal worry to neighbouring segments and cause some measure of waste. The wire itself likewise endures harm, so the wire EDM cutting machine uses a lot of new wire.

In addition, another cost of wire EDM cutting is that an oxide layer can form on the cut surface. As a result, this may require secondary cleaning, which adds to cost.


Not Suitable for Pipe Cutting

In order to maintain conductivity, the parts to be cut with EDM must be firmly fixed in place. This creates a significant risk of deformation of the pipeline. So the wire EDM cutting is best for materials that are solid, so the method is not a good choice for cutoff of tubing.


When choosing wire EDM cutting equipment, select an reliable company with high-quality machinery is important.

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