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High precision molybdenum wire EDM machine

Jan. 04, 2022

1) High cutting speed: Intelligent high pressure cutting technology, cutting speed up to 300mm²/min, allowing multiple cutting, 1 cutting 2 skimming, maximum speed 7000mm²/hr, faster than most brass wire cutting machines. 

2) High precision: 1µm closed-loop linear glass scale, maximum cutting accuracy of ± 3µm. 

3 ) Low surface roughness: Die steel => Ra< 0.6µm; Tungsten carbide => Ra< 0.5µm.   

4 ) High precision center and edge picks of ± 6µm. 

5) Long life diamond guide lasts up to 2 years or more.

6) Linear guide machine table movement and high precision ball screw ensure long term accuracy of machine.

7) Automatic and manual control of multi-line speed to suit different cutting needs, easy line change and better multi-line cutting effect.

8) Computer controlled operation, double CPU structure, high frequency easy all-in-one programming, high anti-noise capability and very stable operating system.

9) Environmentally friendly semi-enclosed structure, providing clean and quiet working environment.

10) Long life, environmentally friendly coolant lasts up to 6 months. The use of filtration system keeps the machine clean and prevents clogging of water pipes.

11) Non-contact alignment structure for smooth rotation direction change.

12) Large taper cutting structure with tension, providing precise large taper cutting.

13) Optional aluminum cutting function to protect carbide contacts from rapid wear and solve the problem of low cutting speed when cutting aluminum. 

 EDM wire cutting 1

EDM wire cutting processing with molybdenum wire, molybdenum content ≧ 99.97%, tensile strength ≧ 2300N/mm2, accurate wire diameter tolerance, low elongation, low loss, suitable for processing large thickness workpiece.


Advantages of molybdenum wire

◬ Strict selection of materials - the use of pure molybdenum materials, excellent resistance to galvanic corrosion.

◬ High tensile strength - the wire is not easy to break.

◬ low ductility - easy to maintain a stable tension.

◬ no protective layer on the surface - stable manufacturing and high efficiency.

◬ Correct wire diameter to ensure processing accuracy

◬ low losses and long service life

◬ high curl rate, straight wire, easy threading

◬ Vacuum packaging, storage life of more than one year

EDM wire cutting 2