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How Does Wire Edm Work?

May. 11, 2021

Wire EDM is a method of cutting metal in which a moving wire breaks down the material in a controlled manner. It uses an electrically charged thin brass wire that can be computer-controlled to move the wire close to, but not in contact with, the part to be cut. The wire and workpiece are either completely submerged or the part is vigorously rinsed with an insulating liquid. 

Smaller gaps all produce a spark that vaporizes small particles of the workpiece as the wire advances. The disintegrating particles are flushed away by the dielectric and the wire can advance further. The wire itself is traveling - advancing from a large spool of wire and entering the spent wire bin after being used as an electrode. The travel of the wire is determined by the wire edm machine's computer program.

Heavy Duty Split Unit Wire-cutting EDM Machines

Heavy Duty Split Unit Wire-cutting EDM Machines

Advantages of heavy duty split unit wire-cutting edm machines

LITONG precision heavy duty split unit wire-cutting edm machines exist to meet all different markets demand.


● Multi - purpose: Suitable for wire cutting and discharge machining of most conductive solid materials.

● High efficiency: the highest efficiency of one cutting is 300mm2/min, the highest efficiency of one-cut & two-repair is 6000mm2/ hour.

● High precision: closed loop control accuracy ≤±3μm.

● Low roughness: Die steel Ra≤0.8μm, Tungsten steel Ra < 0.5μm

● Powerful communication function: support USB interface, RJ-45 network interface, RS-232 serial port 

What kind of materials can be cut with EDM wire EDM?

Virtually any conductive material can be cut using Wire EDM. This would include all metals, including steel, aluminum, brass, titanium and all types of alloys and super alloys. The hardness of the material is not a factor.

LITONG WEDMs-MS are suitable for all kinds of Black metal, Copper and Copper Alloy, Aluminum and Alloy, Tungsten steel, Titanium alloy, Die steel etc. other materials of precision parts and tool processing, widely used in Machinery, Electronics, Aviation, Military industry, Shipbuilding, Automobile, Home appliances, Building materials, Tooling and other industries.

What kind of tolerances can I expect with EDM wire cutting?

Because the CAM program precisely controls the path of the moving wire and the part remains constant, very tight tolerances can be maintained. One can expect tolerances within .0005" and as low as .0002" when needed.

Is wire EDM suitable for production as well as prototype parts?

This depends entirely on the size and thickness of the part to be cut, as well as the total length to be cut. The type of material to be cut also plays a smaller role. Typically, Wire EDM is a relatively slow process, although the process is very precise. If the workpiece is relatively thin, for example .250-.500 inches, many pieces can be stacked and cut at the same time, as long as the machine is cutting in only two axes. If there is a tapering requirement, such as conical or equidistant radius, only one piece can be cut at a time. However, because Wire EDM machines can be run unattended, labor costs can be kept to a minimum, and the same operator can run multiple machines.


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