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Litong WEDM-MS Published in Turkish TT Magazines Welcome to subscribe!

Mar. 15, 2021

Litong WEDM-MS Published in Turkish TT Magazines Welcome to subscribe

TT Magazine Magazine: Since 2004, it has kept its legibility rate at a high level with its quality and informative content, and has brought advertisers together with its target audience at the maximum point by making accurate and effective distribution. TT Magazine, currently one of the leading magazines in the industry, is published bimonthly and 4,000 copies are printed. 5.000 copies of our magazine are published, especially during periods of busy fairs. The magazine distributed free of charge throughout Turkey and by mail, at the same time as Turkey are transported via the online e-mail addresses to the public in 7000 and the number of readers thus corresponds to a total of 11,000 people.

With the constantly updated distribution list;

TT Magazine; Companies, associations and unions in Automotive Industry, Aviation and Defense Industry, Medical Industry, White Goods Industry, Mold Industry, Shipbuilding Industry, Pipe Industry, Iron and Steel Industry, Construction Machinery and Equipment Industry, Agricultural Tools and Equipment Industry and similar sectors, sent to universities; It is also delivered to the Chambers of Industry and Commerce, Libraries, International Commercial Attachments and distributed free of charge to all exhibitors and visitors in all related sectoral fairs.