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Precision Gear Cutting with EDM Wire Cutting

Jan. 17, 2022

Wire cutters or EDM wire cutters play an important role in cutting non-conventional shapes such as spur gears. If you are in an industry that requires non-standard metal shapes or gears, here are some things you need to know about EDM wire cutting.


Why you need an EDM wire cutting specialist for cutting gears

Technological advances are now making everything easier, and this is certainly true when it comes to manufacturing metal gears. Today, engineers can quickly and easily create designs that require custom metal gears as components for large projects.

Because of advances in design engineering, these custom gears can also have complex shapes and sizes that are difficult to cut, especially using traditional cutting methods. This is where wire EDM becomes very useful.

With the help of EDM wire cutting, you no longer need to hire anyone who uses other special cutting tools. That's because EDM wire cutting machines can cut any spur gear, and with great precision! Because of the speed and accuracy of EDM wire cutting, you can expect production times and costs to be faster and more economical options than other products, even if you are still building prototypes or making small batches.

Precision Gear Cutting with EDM Wire Cutting


Who needs to use an EDM wire cutter?

As mentioned earlier, if your industry requires the manufacture of metal gears that require more precise, accurate cutting, then this is the product for you. You should look for a manufacturer that specializes in EDM wire cutting to get the best metal cutting results that your business needs.

Also, as mentioned earlier, if you're still building prototypes, traditional manufacturing methods can be more expensive. But that's not the case with EDM.

Plus, prototyping is fast. For example, the typical lead time for producing a prototype metal gear using some techniques is 8 weeks, while with the help of EDM, the lead time can be reduced to 1 week. Of course, lead times always depend on the job and the quantity, but our typical EDM wire-cut prototype job is 1 week. This means you will be able to start designing the next step for your prototype in as short a time as possible.


How to find an EDM wire-cutting manufacturer

Wire cutters can outperform traditional cutting machines in terms of time and money. But you must look for a reliable and experienced manufacturer to avoid accuracy errors and other problems.

You're in luck. You're already on the website of an experienced EDM wire cutting company. While others may be just getting started with EDM or using this as an adjunct service to other cutting technologies, at Litong we have always provided the highest quality and service in wire cutting EDM.

We are the EDM wire cutting experts, because that's all we do. We have high speed wire cutters and EDM micro-hole drilling stations. We can handle small jobs while being ready for large production contracts. Call or email us to find out how we can help you with your project.