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All in One Servo Closed Loop Wire Cutting EDM Machines LTW40T

LITONG precision MS-WEDMs are a high-end MS-WEDM, with excellent cost performance. It can completely replace the traditional HS-WEDM & partially replace the LS-WEDM.
LITONG MS-WEDMs are suitable for all kinds of Black metal, Copper & Copper Alloy, Aluminum & Alloy, Tungsten steel, Titanium alloy, Die steel etc. other materials of precision parts and tool processing.

Product Description

Product Description


Wire EDM machine uses a metallic wire (electrode) to cut a programmed contour in a workpiece. Extrusion dies and blanking punches are very often machined by wire cutting. In the machining area, each discharge creates a crater in the workpiece (material removal) and an impact on the tool (wear of the tool/electrode). The wire can be inclined, thus making it possible to make parts with taper or with different profiles at the top and bottom. The wire is usually made of brass or stratified copper, and is between 0.02 and 0.33 mm diameter.

Cut conductive materials ranging from aluminium and copper to graphite with an electrical spark. EDM technology allows you to achieve extreme accuracy when producing incredibly delicate parts at very high cutting speeds. Nor is this just restricted to die and mould. Since only one tool is required it is also your low cost alternative to milling, turning, grinding, lathing or broaching. What’s more, you can accomplish a whole range of different processes using multi-purpose EDM, even unmanned.


The generator & CNC Control, Mechanical Structure, Auto Wire Threading, Processing Function, Sample.


What Advantages Do Custom Wire EDM Machining Parts Offer?

EDM wire cutting machining services provide numerous benefits that can be custom utilized to your exact project specifications. Some of the added benefits of EDM machining services include:

Cuts complex shapes.

Can cut extremely hard material to very close tolerances.

Manufactures very small workpieces where conventional cutting tools may damage the part.

Delicate sections and weak materials can be machined without distortion since no direct contact is made.

Provides a good surface finish.

Very fine holes can be achieved.

Capable of manufacturing tapered holes.

Can produce pipe or container internal contours and internal corners down to R .008".


LITONG WEDMs-MS are suitable for all kinds of Black metal, Copper and Copper Alloy, Aluminum and Alloy, Tungsten steel, Titanium alloy, Die steel etc. other materials of precision parts and tool processing, widely used in Machinery, Electronics, Aviation, Military industry, Shipbuilding, Automobile, Home appliances, Building materials, Tooling and other industries.


The main technical parameters of the machine tool:

Basic parameters of machine hostTABLE SIZEmm820x530
Coordinates X Y axis strokemm500x400
Coordinates U V axis strokemm36x36
Coordinates Z axis strokemm250
The height of Table to Floormm710
Total weight of machine toolkg2000
Electrode wire diametermmf0.12-0.20
Max. Machining Taper°/mm±6°/80
Max. Machining Thicknessmm250
Fluid Tank Size(Inner Cavity)mm1000x670
Max. Workpiece weightkg250
Precise PositioningChinese National StandardX/Ymm0.006
JIS StandardX/Ymm±0.003
Positioning RepeatabilityChinese National StandardX/Ymm0.003
JIS StandardX/Ymm±0.0015
Electrical System ParametersMax. Working currentA8
Max. Machining speedmm2∕min≥200
Optimal surface roughness RaμmRa≤0.8
Total Electrical PowerKVA2.6
Servo Min. Pulse equivalentμm1
Water TankVolume / PowerL,KVA80L/0.37KVA
Filter paper core size/Filter precisionmmf340×300×f20/0.005


How does EDM Wire Cutting work?

The way it works is really quite simple. An electrical discharge (spark) is created on a conductive wire, typically brass, that will pass through the given material giving it a clean cut. The entire operation takes place in a submerged tank filled with dielectric fluid, which acts as a cooling system for sparks and a flush mechanism for debris. The cut will be through the entire piece and can start from the edge to enter or from a predetermine hole that the wire will be fed through.

What Materials Can Wire EDM Cut?

Can you wire-cut graphite?

Yes, your EDM-wire cut machine can cut graphite, however, graphite being brittle needs careful handling and cutting is very slow; also, it will be better to do plain machining of graphite by milling and use your EDM-wire cut machine for machining the intricate profiles. This way you can make the process economical and faster. You need to dry graphite to remove the wetness after the EDM process.

Can you wire EDM carbide?

Yes, your EDM-wire cut machine can cut carbide; however, you may face the issue of micro-cracks during the initial cut and may have to use more than two passes to achieve the desired accuracy and surface finish.

Can you wire EDM titanium?

Yes, your EDM-wire cut machine can cut titanium; you may have to use a zinc-coated brass wire (electrode) for better speed and surface finish. You may face the problem of broken wire and this can be minimized by adjusting the current value and the length of ‘pulse-off time’.

Apart from the above, you can use your EDM-wire cut machine to cut any electrically conductive materials including Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Hastelloy, Inconel, etc.