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Split-type A CNC Wire Cut EDM-MS

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Split-type A CNC Wire Cut EDM-MS

The positioning accuracy of the MS-EDM series wire cutting machine is strictly controlled within 0.01mm, and the surface finish is usually between 1.2μ and 1.6μ. If necessary, we can customize the equipment to achieve 1.2μ. Therefore, the equipment can be used to process high-precision molds, tools and other precision parts.

WEDM-HS is China's original WEDM machining method. WEDM-HS is usually made of molybdenum wire. WEDM-MS-The upgrade of WEDM-HS can also be said to be evolved from WEDM-HS. The welding wire is also a molybdenum wire. However, compared with the molybdenum wire used in WEDM-HS, the price of midline molybdenum wire is relatively high. In addition, the price of WEDM-MS machines is relatively high. In addition, the fast-moving molybdenum wires can be processed with each other, that is, they can be reused.

The working principle is to use continuously moving molybdenum wire (called electrode wire) as the electrode for pulse spark discharge to remove metal and cut the workpiece. Its line speed and workpiece quality are between the fast line and the slow line, so it is called midline cutting. The middle line is an upgraded product of the fast line, so it can also be called: the fast line that can be cut multiple times. Therefore, the processing speed is close to that of a fast-moving wire, and the processing quality also tends to be a slow-moving wire. The line speed is between 1 and 12m/s, which can be adjusted as needed.