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Hot Sale Wire-cutting EDM Machines (WEDM-MS)(LTW40A)

LITONG precision Wire Cut Edm Machine are a high-end Medium-Speed Wire Cut EDM, with excellent cost performance. It can completely replace the traditional High-speed WEDM and partially replace the Low-speed WEDM.

Product Description

Product Description


LITONG precision Wire Cut Edm Machine are a high-end Medium-Speed Wire Cut EDM, with excellent cost performance. It can completely replace the traditional High-speed WEDM and partially replace the Low-speed WEDM.

We focus on development and innovation in the Wire Cutting EDM Machines field, and provide integrated services before and after your purchase. Our professional and comprehensive product catalog provides users with a complete Wire Cutting EDM Machines solution customization service.

We are proud to say that LITONG is one of the leading manufacturers of Wire Cutting EDM Machines tools and provides world-class quality assurance for machine tool models. Considering the size of the wire-cut electric discharge machine, we provide customers and distributors with mainframes at an acceptable price when the economy permits. This is something that no manufacturer can provide. We also provide small EDM machine tool models according to the needs of customers around the world.

The quality of the machine provides good conditions for user-friendly applications. Our R&D team and production team are committed to providing customers with the standard accuracy and control capabilities of each machine. Based on current technology and usage, the machine provides customers with user interface service applications.


Wire Cutting EDM Machines characteristics:

1. "T" type body base, "C" type body structure, using slow-speed WEDM body high quality casting and repeated tempering treatment.

2. The design structure of the slow-speed WEDM worktable has the function of anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

3.X, Y axis are imported linear guide rail, ball screw and AC servo motor direct drive, to ensure the long-term use of high precision machine tool and high precision taper processing.

4.X axis, Y axis to achieve micron level precision control. "Z" axis can achieve high precision. Trimming precision is higher, true slow-speed WEDM control mode.

5. Electromechanical integrated design structure, small footprint.

6.With automatic wire tightening function, real-time control of the tightness of molybdenum wire.

7. In line with European and American safety standards on the wire grade, safety performance is higher.

8. Filtration structure of slow-speed WEDM water tank, good filtering effect and longer use time.

9. Each component is subjected to strict three-coordinate inspection. Renishaw laser interferometer detects the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of each axis of the machine tool and compensates it effectively.

10. It will be your choice to realize the machining precision of the slow-speed WEDM, the taper precision of the slow wire and the surface roughness of the slow-speed WEDM.


● Multi - purpose: Suitable for wire cutting and discharge machining of most conductive solid materials.

● High efficiency: the highest efficiency of one cutting is 300mm2/min, the highest efficiency of one-cut & two-repair is 6000mm2/ hour.

● High precision: closed loop control accuracy ≤±3μm.

● Low roughness: Die steel Ra≤0.8μm, Tungsten steel Ra < 0.5μm

● Friendly human-machine interface:

Automatic generation of multiple cutting procedures

AUTOCAD software programming

Powerful graphics driven control

Quick learning, easy to operate

● Powerful communication function: support USB interface, RJ-45 network interface, RS-232 serial port


The main technical parameters of the machine tool:

Basic parameters of machine hostTABLE SIZEmm850x600
Coordinates X Y axis strokemm500x400
Coordinates U V axis strokemm36x36
Coordinates Z axis strokemm250
The height of Table to Floormm900
Total weight of machine toolkg2600
Electrode wire diametermmf0.10-0.22
Max. Machining Taper°/mm±6°/80
Max. Machining Thicknessmm250
Fluid Tank Size(Inner Cavity)mm1070x710
Max. Workpiece weightkg500
Precise PositioningChinese National StandardX/Ymm0.008/0.007
JIS StandardX/Ymm±0.005/±0.004
Positioning RepeatabilityChinese National StandardX/Ymm0.006/0.005
JIS StandardX/Ymm±0.003
Electrical System ParametersMax. Working currentA8
Max. Machining speedmm2∕min≥300
Optimal surface roughness RaμmRa≤0.8
Total Electrical PowerKVA2.6
Servo Min. Pulse equivalentμm1
Size of CNC electric cabinetmm580x800x1780
Water TankVolume / PowerL,KVA80L/0.37KVA
Filter paper core size/Filter precisionmmf150xf3x340/0.005


LITONG WEDMs-MS are suitable for all kinds of Black metal, Copper and Copper Alloy, Aluminum and Alloy, Tungsten steel, Titanium alloy, Die steel etc. other materials of precision parts and tool processing, widely used in Machinery, Electronics, Aviation, Military industry, Shipbuilding, Automobile, Home appliances, Building materials, Tooling and other industries.