Wire Cutting Machines

Use our automatic wire cutting machine to optimize industrial wire cutting. They are fully automatic computerized wire stripping machines using advanced automation technology. These are a kind of CNC equipment. The wire cutting machine is used to manufacture the best stripped PVC, silicone wire, Teflon and glass fiber. It is widely used in machinery, electronics, aviation, military industry, shipbuilding, automobiles, home appliances, building materials, tooling and other industries.

We focus on development and innovation in the EDM field, and provide comprehensive services before and after your purchase. Our professional and comprehensive product inventory provides users with customized services of mature EDM solutions.

Cut conductive materials from aluminum and copper to graphite with electric sparks. EDM technology allows you to obtain extremely high precision when producing extremely precise parts at very high cutting speeds. This is not limited to molds. Since only one tool is needed, it is also a low-cost alternative to milling, turning, grinding, turning or broaching. More importantly, you can use the multi-purpose EDM to complete a series of different processes, even unmanned.
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